California, we're coming home

As a New York girl, Cali was the getaway dream. There was Malibu Barbie. There was 90210. There was even, I'd be willing to bet–even on some teeny tiny subconscious level–the leftovers of my Joni Mitchell loving upbringing. All this comes together to create a person who can see, when she seeks new beginnings, the actuality of a life on the opposite coast. Cut to however many years later when this materializes in a beautiful dream like podcast half season. We bring you: the LA series.

We flew out of Newark at 7am on a Monday and were conducting our first of five interviews just a half a day later. Our ride with Amanda Tate couldn't be more accurate to the vibe we were hoping to curate for our frantic but magical week in California. The perfect beginning. She was the soft landing to that crazy crazy day. We had a mere night of rest under our belts and were filled with the possibilities of what this week could shape up to be for us. She was easy-going, fun, and somewhat magical. We’ll dog-ear this convo for later, but it was SUPER fun being led around unfamiliar terrain. More on that later.

So sit back, give a listen, and let yourself go. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, the LA Series!

Maura Wolfe