I think I want to be her best friend, yeah

In so many ways, week after week, we are reminded that this project accurately echoes the natural ebb and flow of life. In one minute, we are guided through our contemplative practice on a ride with Sarah Kain Gutowski. We are asked, in Sarah’s capable hands, to be thoughtful about the things that excite us, to be cognizant of not having enough time to do all we want to, or reminded that around every corner there lurks a roadblock to accomplishing creative tasks. In the next minute we are shaken up by Mindy Abovitz, taken on a guided tour of a vibrant creative life in Williamsburg, and asked to remember that nothing happens unless you make it happen. Fuck yeah.

This is all so accurate to what we set out to accomplish with Handful of Wheel–explore the things that anyone creative in this sweet little fucker of a city of ours might be up against, and even ways in which they can feel exhilarated and dejected all in the same second. It’s the life we’ve chosen, for now, and so we find these moments of clarity, with great thanks to our riders.

And this week with Mindy is no different. We left the ride–the whole season!–with a profound respect for bad ass bitches (we SEE you) who get shit done. And so, listen to our ride with Mindy, get a million good things done this weekend, and find some #badassbitches on our Instagram this week. Byeeee.

Maura WolfeComment