Uploaded! Linked! Finished!

 Part of my time spent with Handful of Wheel has been dedicated to preparing to produce my own episode. Last Friday, I finally got to see it put all together! Uploaded! Linked! Finished! I had not been in charge of pitching, booking, anything really before. In my own podcast, irregardless!, we don’t interview, so I hadn’t much experience with Email Etiquette. 

            Luckily, I knew of Ziwe from her Twitter and her show with Above Average (Baited With Ziwe, which is one of the funniest, most well-written things I’ve watched in a long time. Considering Handful of Wheel’s M.O., I thought a conversation with her in the van would be all kinds of interesting and intelligent, funny in all the right places—and I was very right.

      From the moment she got into the car, Ziwe was a delight! While Maura and Haele are the hosts of the show, Ziwe motivated the interview with passion for comedic writing, political intrigue, and the ability to professionally host a conversation within a time frame. We talked about her first internship, the one that informed her sensibilities as a writer and person—to create for herself, not for another entity or person. She discussed the transition between writer/performer as someone who wrote for The Onion and now hosts her own show through Above Average. She also quickly informed us that she would be participating in a dramatic reading of Real Housewives of New York. 

            I think what I enjoy most about conversations in the van is the ability to relax, flow between topics and forget that you’re being recorded. There’s a natural procession to talking, an understanding between everyone that our purpose is to discuss creative process and to learn from one another as best we can. 

Maura Wolfe