“We’ll just meander”

We begin this week’s episode talking about how we went out to Long Island to meet up with writer, teacher, all around great person Sarah Kain Gutowski, and also how we had to leave Brooklyn super early that day because both me and Sarah had to get back to some kiddos in time for school pick up. Certainly not the first people in the history of the world to have obligations. Most certainly not the last. But what did strike me as funny (not ha ha funny, but more like wtf funny) is that I start our ride with Sarah saying, “So we’ll just meander.”

Meander? When the fuck was the last time I meandered? As someone who tries to be a good teacher, as someone who tries to make time for her craft, as someone who tries to be a decent mother and wife, as someone who tries to just live, each and every second of my day is accounted for. There is no meandering. In my most recent re-listen to the audio, I laughed at myself for even suggesting such an idea.

A main part of the conversation we have this week with Sarah centers around making time for all that pulls us–reading, writing, work, motherhood. And spoiler alert: we come to ZERO conclusions. But it felt good. We were talking with someone who understands, we shared ideas with someone who also struggles, and we were able to bitch and complain in the safety of the car and then run quickly off to other obligations. But somehow lighter.

A popular critique of social media is that it paints a pretty–and heavily curated–picture of the daily happenings. So in the interest of honesty and in the interest of recapturing some of the magic of our ride with Sarah, through the first part of next week we’ll be posting a “greatest hits”, if you will, of Handful of Wheel’s Roadblocks To Success. Please, follow along.

Maura Wolfe