To leave a warm bed

It’s the Friday before a long weekend and as we post Carrie Moyer and Sam Nye’s ride with us, there are so many conflicting thoughts. First and most obviously, it’s gorgeous out today. When we recorded this ride in early March I was nervous about two people trusting us so much to drive them around in the slushy mess that had fallen upon New York City that morning. It was heavy to even trudge through and I’m sure that no one wanted to leave a warm bed, myself included. But the ride was so worth braving the elements. Second, each and every time you ask me about artist collaborations I cringe a little. Still, even after a season of intense coaxing by Haele, I don’t place collaboration high on my list of artistic priorities. But being a fly on the wall of Carrie and Sam’s mentorship was for sure something I could get behind, and perhaps try to emulate at some point, in my artistic life.

What continues to amaze us about this project is that people are ready and willing to share, talk, and spend their precious time with little old us. A brush in the car with all of these amazing artists who continue to show up, continue to do their work, continue to plug away at it all (and some even still have energy to give more after that! how, god?) leaves us feeling lucky. So so lucky.

And with that, enjoy.

Ps: A playlist for you long weekend? Two? Happy to oblige:



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