Today, we’re off to the SCCC Creative Writing Festival to reunite with season 2 superstar, Sarah Kain Gutowski. In order to prepare, we’re thinking a lot about creativity (it’s inception and demise) and collaboration.

I’ve been scrubbing through our archive of recordings to find times where we’ve touched upon these topics. It’s really fun to revisit, to comb through past and future guests with an eye on specific topics. It’s almost like research, and I swear this as science-y as we get. But what’s really staggering is how this re-listening is a reminder of how much we’ve already grown. I’m intimately familiar with how much a human baby grows in its first year (can I say “painfully aware” without sounding ungrateful?) but marking one’s own creative progress can be a tricky beast.

It’s hard to remember that projects take time. And so, in the thick of things, it’s also easy to become impatient with process, laboring. We can take on too much, we can become bored, we can be quick to judge ourselves. Never feeling satisfied is familiar, safer ground. But what is the rush?

So in the interest of that, we’ll reframe this. Press pause.

We comb lovingly through old episodes. We wade knee-deep through this editing season. We savor conversations about struggle. We revisit revisit revisit.

Maura Wolfe