Are you craving a good ice cream sandwich?


When I think about my favorite episode from season 1, it's usually when I'm hungry and I start having a craving for a good ice cream sandwich. Episode 2, “Anna Gordon & Creative Expectations,” holds a special place for me as an episode when I first listened to it many months ago because the episode began really strong for me in terms of giving me a visual through an audio medium. What attracted me to the podcast was the aspect of being in a car and to hear descriptions of plant shops and buildings with signs that said “Wonder,” just immediately drew me in and I was MORE than ready to hear the rest. Not even 30 seconds in and it was already delivering everything that fascinated me.

Then I was blown away by how this podcast managed to hit the nail on the head of what I was worrying about as a college student – “thinking past the now” and questioning how you stop blocking yourself from opening yourself up to opportunities. I'd felt as if I'd stumbled across the Holy Grail of relatable content as a creative who feared a future that promised stagnation. To hear, “People mistake patterns as if it's boredom” struck a chord with me and made my view of repetitive hard work a little wider. It was cool to hear someone spin that fear of daily redundancy on its head into something that embraces the stability of form.

The interview with Anna Gordon also tied in well with the previous conversation of not knowing where you're going to end up in a career, with Gordon herself going from working at record industry to owning a bakery. The episode incorporates the natural humor between friends and the thought process and advice shared among creatives – the best part being that it feels very much so like a car ride. There's an inevitable destination but there's also the drive and what you see along the way before you get there, and I feel like this episode really encompasses that feeling.


Maura Wolfe