It's highly scientific

I joined the HoW team during season two production, which meant that a lot of that energy was being focused on a smooth transition between seasons. I was becoming familiar with the language Haele + Maura use, how comfortable they make guests, the stories they tell. The episode that sticks with me, that I go back to when I’m trying to edit something for the upcoming season, or even to get a feel for how to ask the right questions, is the ride with Kate Tellers.

I think, because it’s easy to not pay mind to how much work goes into this, it seems natural and compelling, funny in all the right moments—sentimental in the others, and like a piece of cake. Kate talks about her time working at the Astor Beechwood Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island—how she played a servant to the Astor family and how they believed the house was haunted. It wasn’t clear exactly how she had gone from studying anthropology and theater to joining the Royal Shakespeare Company in Boston to her work now.

Maura and Haele do such wonderfully scientific investigating, which makes the interview seem rehearsed or scripted, but they’re just intuitive and know how to ask all the right questions. Through their light digging, they come to understand Kate’s path to authentic storytelling with The Moth. Watching and assisting this process unfold is one of the best feelings because you can feel everything click as it happens.


Maura Wolfe