I'm taking a ride with my best friend(s)...

We’ve been pitching rides for our upcoming season two (coming at you MAY 5!). Something I do, when asking people if they’d like to join us on a ride, is link them to episodes of which I’m particularly proud. I try to gage the potential rider’s likes and interests, but that’s almost always influenced or even limited by how well I do or don’t know them, or even by the rider’s own creative pursuit. I realize the hamstring of this selection process is that we are not completely defined by our jobs. I am a teacher, a writer, a mother. But that doesn’t mean that the only things I can relate to are things that are “pitched at” teacherswritersmothers. This process completely ignores my love of music (although I desperately try to incorporate our guests’ soundtracks on our social media! Listen–they’re amazing!) or my need for the meditation that running provides (note to self: book a ride with a professional runner).

While each episode holds a special place in my cold, cold heart–Brooke’s for how much we laughed, Grey Reverend’s for its carefulness, Vinnie’s for our “mom voice” talk after we stopped rolling audio, or Brian’s for connecting with a long-time friend–I thought it might be a fun exercise for the ladies of HoW to write a series of posts about which episodes resonate with us in an otherworldly, magical kinda way. And while I do realize that the definition of “resonate” changes with time, energy, planetary alignment, the here and now is occasionally something fun to play with.

So without further ado,

Xo, Maura.