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Handful of Wheel is an audio roadtrip we want you to take with us.

HOW is a podcast about art, life, and how to make it. Using New York City and its surrounding neighborhoods as our hub, we are conducting interviews on the road with artists and creatives, in an attempt to understand creativity, support the arts, and create the best mixtape ever. 

Buckle up, kiddos. 

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Maura Conley is an Adjunct Assistant professor at Pratt Institute and Suffolk County Community College. She teaches courses in critical theory, composition, literature, creative writing, and media studies. She earned her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and her short fiction can be found in Fringe Magazine (Sundress Publications) and Penworks. She curated the Double Life reading series in Brooklyn, NY and is currently a creator and co-producer of the podcast Handful of Wheel.

Haele Wolfe is a writer and visual artist, living and working in Brooklyn, NY. As an illustrator she works mainly with ink, pen, and watercolor. In addition to HOW, Haele also produced the podcast Hit Refresh by Skillcrush, and works in tech as a writer and editor. She is a creator and co-producer of Handful of Wheel. 

Past Co-Producers

Abbey Little is a writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently pursuing her BFA at Pratt Institute as well as the perfect beret. When she is not co-producing her podcast irregardless!, she is working as a production assistant for Handful of Wheel or talking about the first half of a book she read.

Cheyenne Fykes is a production assistant for the podcast working on her BFA at Pratt Institute. She helps run the Tumblr page, speaks French and English, and is learning to code. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY and Detroit, MI.

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