reading, riding, writing — a micro residency program

HOW MIC = Handful of Wheel Micro In-car Residency

We're happy to announce the inaugural season of our micro-residency writing program, HOW MIC. Six writers and poets local to Brooklyn were invited to join us on rides through the city, creating landscape-centric work and listening to mixtapes.  Our goal with the project was to provide a safe space for artists to create, while testing the elasticity of what Handful of Wheel could morph into, if we let it. 

As an extra treat, we were supported in this endeavor by the talented visual artists of the Fem Foundry art collective, and by the wizards over at Txt Books printing collective. With their help, vision, and time, we were able to produce a limited run of 110 hand-cut chapbooks. Look for us around town, listen for us on the airwaves. 

2017 Writers / Riders